Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Outplacement Coaching

If you are facing redundancy from your organisation then this short post may be of interest to you.

It is worth your while I think to initiate a conversation with your Human Resources representative about outplacement coaching even if there is no policy in place on this. You can but ask...

Many organisations have some budget for outplacement coaching for staff that are made redundant.

Outplacement coaching gives you the opportunity to work with an outplacement career coach to move into a new work role. This can be a time when you need extra support to work on a number of things from your confidence to your CV to preparing for interviews.

Here at West of England Coaching and Counselling we provide tailored packages to meet your budget and coaching needs so that you feel confident and take the right steps to move forwards in your career.

If you are or think you may be facing redundancy some time soon, do have that conversation and put yourself in the driving seat of your career.

If you have any questions or would like to book a complimentary initial meeting please get in touch via 01761 237400 or enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling.co.uk


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