Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Are you in the right career?

If you have a feeling or even a pattern of thoughts about being in  the wrong career then this blog is for you.

In my experience the most typical reason for your thoughts and/or feelings is due to the lack of congruence between your values and those of the work that you are doing. You may interpret this as a lack of job satisfaction or not enjoying your work content.

Just now I was talking to a client on an initial complimentary call to discuss her career needs now. This individual soon alerted herself to her 'family values' background and how these were at odds with her current 'sales' focused role. We are going to be working on identifying her work values as part of a career transition diagnostic that starts with a blank sheet of paper!

What are your values? What is important to you at work and in life? Remember that you bring your whole self to work so whole life values will impact your work and what you think and/or feel about it.

I suggest that you start by reflecting on your values. If you require help with this or any other career support please get in touch on 01761 237400 or through


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