Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Work Smarter Not Harder

Think about this addage for a moment - are you doing it - professionally and personally?

I was reminded of this addage by my dentist whilst having a filling.

I have begun coaching with his daughter principally to address exam anxiety.

He made the comment that his daughter has a tendency to work really hard - though he questionned her actual productivity and how much she is absorbing.

Perhaps we could spend more time planning before we act by first researching the facts and feelings around an issue and consulting with people who have done it before.

The latter could well throw up lessons learnt that will save us time in acting.

What could be the consequences on our health and relationships if we work smart instead of hard?

What about tracking down a 'smarter not harder' person and seeing what you could learn from them?

Please let feel free to pass on your comments on this blog? Has it inspired you at all?

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