Sunday, 19 June 2011

A Better Life - Align Your Inner and Outer Self

A Better Life can be created by us all - by aligning our inner and outer purposes.

Our inner purpose is to be conscious, present, aware and mindful of what is happening inside and outside of ourselves.

Examples of inside awareness are becoming aware or conscious of our breathing or the taste of our food.

You can try this out for yourself and ask yourself - what do you experience?

Examples of outside awareness are 'smelling the roses', watching a pet, hearing the birds and really listening to someone.

You can try this out for yourself - again - what do you experience?

To be truly present means rising above thinking, analysing, judging and labelling and 'Just Being'.

Our outer purposes change with time. Outer purposes work best when they are aligned with our inner purpose.

Sometimes we accept what we do as a means to an end though we can work on achieving a purpose that is enjoyable and we are enthusiastic about.

Imagine yourself inspiring others through your work and enriching their lives, without wanting anything else from it.

You can try this out for yourself - what do you experience?

Please let feel free to pass on your comments on this blog? Has it inspired you at all?

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