Friday, 25 May 2012

Addressing Your Negative Emotions

Are you emotional in certain situations when you would prefer to be calm?

Do you sometimes suppress your feelings and move on to the next problem and perhaps feel bitter and annoyed with people when you really want to be more tolerant?

Do you experience anger, fear or low confidence and self-esteem?

Have you not had much permission in life to express your feelings?

Discussing your answers to these questions and others that you can think of now with an experienced professional coach and counsellor is a great way to express and process toxic or uncomfortable emotions in a safe, compassionate environment.

Gong on this journey can also help you to reframe your experiences by exploring times in the past where you have felt vulnerable or unlucky. You can literally learn to see things differently and hear more positive thoughts inside your mind.

A good experienced professional coach and counsellor will provide you with tools and techniques suited to your way of thinking which you can use and apply to help you in difficult situations.

As long as you are flexible and open to change behaviours that are not working for you, you can take this step forward and positively influence your future.

Being emotional sometimes is a good idea. Working on your self-development will help you to have a more authentic emotional repertoire.

One very practical action that you can take is to increase your exercise - make it something that you enjoy - to boost your body's feel good endorphins and reduce tension. What can you see yourself enoying?

To learn more about how your mind works including the latest findings from neuroscience, why not book a complimentary initial consultation with me?

You will also learn how to 'reprogramme' your thinking for better results at work and in your personal life.

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