Thursday, 17 May 2012

Your Personal Brand?

Do you have a well developed targeted Personal Brand?

Having developed your key goals and objectives, have you developed your personal brand to help you to influence your stakeholders ie those that can impact and influence whether you achieve your key goals and objectives?

I was speaking about Personal Brand this morning to members of the CIPR, the UK's biggest and most respected PR network.

So what is a Personal Brand?

Put simply this is your story communicated in a way that is positive and helps your listener/audience/stakeholder remember you in a postitive way.

How do you go about creating your Personal Brand?

3 key steps

1. Start with self-analysis - brainstorm what it is that is unique about you, in relation to the person/group you area aiming to influence. E.g. your sales force, your finding a partner, your prospective customers or clients

Tip: Be honest. Inauthenticity is difficult to sustain and people can detect it a mile off

2. Get feedback from people who know you well - what are your signature strengths?

Tip: It is useful to get multiple perspectives so that you can spot patterns in what differentiates you/where you add most value

Tip: It helps to elicit development areas too so that you can work on these

3. Your image is part of your personal brand - what kind of image is associated with the personal brand that you are aiming to develop

How can you apply your Personal Brand?

Having a positive personal brand has true commercial impact so it helps you to get work and retain clients.

Meeting new people at seminars, conferences and other network events gives you the opportunity to share your personal brand and raise your confidence in yourself and who you are, what you are about.

Do remember that how you relate to others is a key part of your personal brand. This is a key area for the coaching that I do with managers and leaders in organisations.

Let me know how you get on with this and do get in touch if you would like help with this or another area of your work and/or personal life by contacting me at

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