Thursday, 14 June 2012

Do You Put Things Off?

Do you put things off that you know would raise your self-esteem and happiness?

If so this blog will help you to get on with those things and feel better about yourself.

Firstly stop beating yourself up. It is common to put things off, changes that require some effort, at least initially. Why?

Usually due to negative forecasting such as 'I won't be any good at it'.

To get yourself into the right mindset where you want to do something you need to strengthen your intent.

We know intent. We may have said a thousand times 'I am going to lose weight'. Intent is when you say what you want and this time you mean it.

And here is the key. You can strengthen your intent any time you want to just by seeing your success as a real possibility.

Sit down, close your eyes and imagine a picture of yourself as you want to be. All the unwanted patterns of behaviour have stopped and everything in this picture is as you want....see it, feel it, experience it. Make the picture bigger, bolder, brighter and when you are feeling really good about yourself leave this picture in the mirror of your mind to serve as an attracting force...believe that you will get there with all your heart.

Your subconscious mind now knows what you want and it will come up with options and ideas to help you to get there.

Remember that if something is worth having it may take time so you may need to be more realistic about your expectations.

Wanting something now can leave you disillusioned that 'it hasn't worked' and stop bothering.

Find different things to appreciate about your journey e.g. enjoying walking in the fresh air  to lose weight or having made more time to focus on you.

Avoid over thinking - just do it as the Nike saying goes. You will feel better about yourself.

The key to your success is repetition. The more you do the exercsie in this blog the more successful you are likely to be.

Let me know how you get on and for all of your support needs either professional or personal please visit to work with a trusted authority in people development.

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