Thursday, 14 June 2012

Paying Attention to You

Is your life journey feeding your soul?

By this I mean are you able to linger in something that makes you feel good about yourself that is not to do with the relentless routine business of life including making money?

You may be lucky enough to love your work - it is still work with demands and deadlines.

Do you pay attention to the most important element of your life - you?

Are you living your life according to your values, what is important to you, such as helping others?

When was the last time that you reflected on what makes my heart light and me feel happy?

What is your meaning?

Who are you and are you being that person?

You are by virtue of being human a creative person whether in a practical way or in a more intellectual way.

Whatever your talents I would encourage you to express them, absorbing and losing yourself in something that gives you meaning.

For me I find real meaning in helping people to change their thinking, their behaviour to give them better results in life - the worrisome and under-confident executive, the warring couple, the individual at a cross-roads in their career - I face these individuals and others like them through my interior life to provide the right words at the right time in the right way so that they can move forward with their fresh insights and perspectives.

What is your passion?

You may be working at it or it might be a hobby?

To have a passion is to have a creative force that guides and steers your life and keep you at a vantage point from which the best opportunities in life are seen and available to you.

Having this internal guide sets you apart from those just going through the habitual routines of daily living.

Perhaps you will take some time this week to ask yourself who are you that is not a machine going through your routines?

What feeds your soul? Is it cooking, acting, writing, making clothes?

Whatever your passion that is perfect for you.

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