Monday, 24 December 2012

Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

This blog highlights the importance of emotional intelligence [EI] within your leadership styles.

If effective relationships are key to business success then emotional intelligence is key to effective relationships.

Strong leaders are assertive, with self-awareness, self-empathy and self-control as well as others aware able to detect and respond to the emotions of others. This is the essence of what emotional intelligence is about.

EI is developed through coaching to become a better leader, a more versatile leader and to develop a high performing team.

EI gives you awareness of your leadership style and helps you to develop new leadership styles.

EI helps you to get the best from your people and helps you to be more successful, achieving better outcomes.

EI helps you to motivate and inspire your people through the toughest changes and challenges.

In business as in sport strong performance and results is largely down to leadership.

If you are serious about becoming a better leader then getting to grips with your emotional intelligence is key.

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