Saturday, 1 December 2012

You'll Love Being Coached

I was reminded of the fantastic space that coaching affords us yesterday by one of my clients.

She was recalling her story before she started her coaching journey.

She said that she had felt so busy so and overwhelmed that she just wanted someone to offload onto.

She also said that she had been using her husband and friend and recognised that this was not ideal due to judgements being made, their inclination to advise/or the matters being too personal and private.

When I asked her what was the best benefit of being coached she surprised me.

She said that it was being exclusively listened to without agenda, judgement, own views, advise and in confidence.

I pressed for 'what else?'

She said that having someone who believes in me, that I can do what I want and be totally herself with all of the real emotions that a human being has.

Where else is that kind of resource available, she asked me?

Not often stuck for words, I was.

My own mother who I love dearly frequently interrupts me; my partner wants to help to problem solve and my friend will often make suggestions based on her own experience and preferences.

What about you?

Do you have someone who listens to you without agenda, judgement, without advising you that you trust not to disclose? Do they also ask you really good questions that help you to think differently? Do they seek to understand you by asking clarifying questions?

We want you to be coached so that you can live your best life.

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