Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Small Business Leadership Coaching

If you are interested in developing a happier workforce who enjoy their work more and so perform at their best please read on.

We are working with people like you right now on two areas of focus

1. Ensuring that their staff have the right direction and support
2. Ensuring that where staff are not performing as required that a plan and actions are in place to address this

When you started your small business you may not have anticipated the impact of leadership direction and management required to be a successful business.

Research shows that where staff are well directed, supported and know what is required of them they are more engaged and perform better.

Where to start?

Firstly spend some time observing staff and noting what specifically they are doing well and what improvements could be made.

Next, speak with staff about

1. What you have seen them doing well - try to find three specific things and tell them the positive impact on the business
2. What you would like them to work on now
3. What you could do to help them to enjoy their work more and perform better.

Then, set aside some time to set clear objectives and specific targets for each of your staff and the team as a whole and share these with them to check understanding.

Where staff do not perform in spite of feedback and training, you need to have open honest and frequent conversations about the consequences of continuing to under perform. ACAS provide robust guidance on stages of disciplinary action which you may find helpful for structure and to meet legal and good practice requirements.

If you would like support with your leadership activities please get in touch via enquiries@westofenglandcoachingandcounselling or call us on 01761 237400.


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