Friday, 27 January 2012

Solving The January Blues By Setting New Goals

January is a bleak time of year for many people, driven by factors such as the weather, the post Christmas credit card statement and returning to work after the festive break.
For others, January signals a new year and a time to set goals for the year ahead.
As human beings we're naturally goal-driven and setting and achieving goals is motivational.
But some of us struggle with setting goals because we feel life we're in something of a rut come the start of a new year.
Before you give up, there are a few things you can do to get yourself in the mindset of wanting to set and achieve some goals in the 11 remaining months of 2012.
You can learn to see yourself in a more positive, balanced way by carrying out the following exercises:
  • Listing your positive qualities - Brainstorm all the things you like about yourself. Are you smart? Kind? Creative? Loyal? Funny?

    What would others say are your good qualities? Include your talents, skills, and achievements.

    Also think about bad qualities you do not have and do not want.
  • Focus on what you do like about your life - Appreciate the things you like about yourself and your life.

    What elements of your work, personal and social life are going well?
  • Challenge negative self-talk - When you catch yourself being self-critical or pessimistic, stop and challenge the negative thought.

    Ask yourself - Is this helpful thinking? Does it make me feel good? What evidence is there for the thought?

    Then change the thought to something believable and positive, for example, 'I feel I am gradually learning about talking through how I feel'.
  • Be kind to yourself - For example, have a massage, soak in a candlelit bath or do exercise you enjoy.
  • Develop some healthy beliefs - For example, ‘I take care of myself by eating healthy food 75% of the time and by exercising 3times per week' or 'I make a written worry list with possible solutions before I go to bed so I can sleep'.
  • Keep a gratitude and achievement diary - Use it daily to record the little things that bring you little bits of happiness each day such as accomplishing something at work, laughing with friends, eating a fresh meal or going for a walk.
Wishing you fulfilment in 2012.

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