Monday, 2 April 2012

What can executive coaching give you?

Do you want to be as successful as possible in your work life?

Independent coaching is increasingly recognised as key to management development in all organisations from the CE or MD to management grades. 

It is acknowledged by senior management in many successful organisations that the organisation will thrive if they offer some form of coaching to their key people.

Evidence shows that there are a number of principle benefits of effective corporate coaching

1. Coaching will improve your performance and results.
An example of some well-known research conducted that shows effective coaching does improve performance and results is given here:

Research of Olivero, Bane, Kopelman
“Executive coaching as a transfer training tool: Effects on productivity in a public agency”

•          The authors studied the impact on 31 leaders and managers in a US city health agency
•          In phase one of this project all managers participated in a three-day classroom style training   workshop that included a variety of interactive activities focused on their work roles. The participants rated the training workshop very highly on all quantitative and qualitative measures.
•          In phase two, the managers participated in an 8 week one on one coaching that detailed coaching processes tailored to the agency context. The post training coaching included goal setting, collaborative problem solving, practise, feedback, supervisory involvement, evaluation of end results and a public presentation. The managers met with their coaches for one hour each week over a two-month period.

The authors found that while their training intervention with managers increased manager productivity by 22%, adding a one to one (8 week) coaching intervention after the training pushed the productivity to 88%.

2. Coaching is learning on the fast track because it is one to one and tailored to the individual’s specific objectives that are aligned to those of the organisation.

3. Professional coaching of senior people gives good gearing, in that these people affect many others. They also learn something about how to coach by receiving coaching and so make better use of resources and improve the way they spend their time. A life skill that individuals can use to increase their and other’s satisfaction.

4. An experienced coach will improve the individual’s motivation and self-belief that will in turn impact that of the individual’s team. It is often the only time that an individual will experience dedicated one to one guidance and support to help them move forward.

5. The coaching ethos is about change and being responsible for one’s performance and results. In future the demand for change and flexibility will increase in response to the market and global competition. Only the flexible and resilient will survive.

My clients all share one key criterion that I require – they are all successful already and want to build on their success.

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