Friday, 13 April 2012

What can executive coaching help me to change?

So long as you are realistic and pragmatic about what you want you can change any thing that you want and a good coach will help you to make the changes quicker and more effectively.

There are a number of areas in particular where working with a coach will see you well rewarded.

1. Coaching for behaviour change - behaviour change is difficult without a coach that gets beneath the surface of issues. A typical coaching assignment involves my helping you to improve your confidence or self esteem so as to help you to achieve your career objectives, sometimes following a particularly challenging time professionally and/or personally.

2. Coaching for leadership capability/skills development – typical coaching assignments in this area are addressing your planning and communication skills, most notably developing and sharing your vision and strategic priorities, influencing key stakeholder(s), talent management, negotiating, assertiveness and delegation, so as to achieve business goals. For example, I worked with a director to help develop his listening, questioning and debating skills, to improve his effectiveness with his team and clients, following a 360 degree feedback performance review.

3. Coaching for the client’s agenda - for example, right now you may be experiencing work anxieties due to increased work pressures. I worked with a HR Business Partner recently who was experiencing unwanted physiological symptoms as a result of work and life pressures. I am also coaching an individual who I have helped identify his three key career priorities and am helping him to achieve these.

4. Coaching for development or through a transition – for example, perhaps you are new in post and want support though a number of challenges within your new role, specifically confidence and skills dealing with stakeholder management issues in your new role and prioritising a heavy workload.

5. Coaching for performance – for example, do you want coaching to achieve your business development and sales performance targets? Do you want to improve your performance in a number of areas including business planning, influencing and your own coaching skills?

6. Career coaching – for example, are you in an organisation that is restructuring and want to know your career options within/outside of the business? Are you a senior manager returning to work following maternity leave?

6. Team coaching – I have worked with senior management teams and Boards to change key business processes and/or to improve their performance. Some of my clients have used this approach to provide participants with coaching skills transfer as well as to address both team and individual development issues. For example, I worked with a number of senior managers in the NHS in this way. I use a transformational coaching model and process that involves my facilitation of a coach, an issue holder and shadow coaches. I am currently coaching two teams aspiring to be a ‘high productivity team’ using our own ‘High Productivity Team Model’.

7. Stress management – are you struggling with stress management issues? For example, I recently worked with an individual that was highly stressed in their role, experiencing personal problems, to help them feel calmer, address their personal issues and improve their productivity.

8.  Are you a director, MD or CEO who wants a  confidential coach resource to help you to achieve your vision,  goals and objectives? For example, I recently provided coaching to a Managing Director in the run up to his retirement, covering an international company merger and succession plan. I am currently working with a Finance Director and Assistant Chief Executive to provide her with support through a number of sensitive organisational matters.

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