Friday, 25 November 2011

Executive Coaching

Are you an ambitious manager, senior manager or director working within a public or private sector organisation or for yourself or in a partnership?

Have you recently had your performance review and identified with your line manager areas of strengths to build on as well as possible areas for development?

Perhaps you have had some feedback through a 360-degree feedback process which has highlighted areas of development which, addressed, will help you to further your career.

Research shows that managers, senior managers and directors often develop more quickly and better through one-to-one executive coaching than through any other performance development intervention - including traditional classroom training.

This is because individual one-to-one coaching focuses on you and is tailored to your specific and precise needs within a structure that will have you feeling more motivated and confident in achieving your development objectives.

An independent coach will provide the following:

  • A confidential listening ear and sounding board for your experiences, problems and solutions
  • A source of advice should you request this
  • In-time support, being available regularly face-to-face and also available on email and the telephone when you need them
  • Work with you to clearly articulate positive, specific, measurable, realistic and time-bound objectives
  • A structure to achieve your desired outcomes, such as, career progression or specific leadership skills development
  • A coaching model to guide and steer discussions
  • Good challenging questions that help you to think differently
  • Collateral specific to your needs, such as, communication models, tools and techniques
  • A non-judgemental presence coming from a supportive, positive and enabling place.

Managers, senior managers and directors who are serious about their continuous professional development and want learning on the fast-track develop business cases to secure funding for their coaching, which include coaching being an investment to help them to achieve their objectives and also improve the performance and engagement of their teams.

If you are unsure about whether to progress with coaching at this time please see my blog - are you ready, willing and able to be coached?

If you have found this blog useful please leave a comment or if you would like to discuss your personal coaching needs please get in touch in confidence via our website West of England Coaching and Counselling.


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