Thursday, 9 February 2012

Life Coaching: Making A Decision

Are you thinking about life coaching but not yet at the point of decision?

You may already be aware that life coaching is about helping you to achieve what you want from your work, personal and social life.

How can life coaching benefit you in 2012 in a way that you would not have experienced without it?

For my clients the most regular feedback I receive was summed by a client who said the following:

"In the past I had goals but they were never written down in a way which I knew I would help me achieve them.

"Life coaching helped me to do this in a way which motivated and helped me to get what I wanted.

"It also helped me to create an action plan, asked me questions and recognised my successes in a way which left me energised to get on with the next part of the goal."

Working with a life coach day-to-day can help you achieve your goals and stop you feeling tied down and free you up to take control of your life.

Maybe you want to change careers in 2012, get healthy or find a partner - maybe you want all three.

Your life is so short and precious that it makes sense to invest in yourself by taking on a life coach who can help you to live the best life possible.

I haven't once come across a client who thinks that the investment of time and money in life coaching was NOT worth the results they achieved.

But where do you start? Read through the previous blog Are You Ready, Willing and Able To Be Coached? as this will help you take the first to realising whether life coaching is right for you.

If you find out that it is then please leave a comment on this blog or to find out about more about life coaching contact us through our website at West of England Coaching and Counselling.

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